November 1990: Somewhere in East Africa, hidden within the shadow cast by the unfolding Gulf crisis, an experiment of truly terrifying proportions is poised to begin its preliminary phase. Five men meet secretly in Geneva to make the final decision. The experiment is sanctioned. They name it Operation Dawn.

March 1991: A Red Cross nurse working in North Africa has not been heard from in months. Desperate, Jennifer McDougal’s parents ask her twin brother to go to Somalia and find out what is going on. But the country is presently in the midst of a brutal tribal war, and Andrew McDougal is soon caught up in a series of sadistic encounters. A registered conscientious objector, the American geologist is quickly forced to shed his pacifist veneer in order to survive the maelstrom of terror that takes over his life.

Elizabeth Worthington Kent (Maggie), veteran African war correspondent, helps McDougal out of a tight spot. The following day she takes him to the Las Dhure refugee camp, where his sister worked. Here, McDougal bears witness to the aftermath of a horrific massacre. But his sister’s body is nowhere to be found. When local warriors explain what happened, Maggie realizes there is more at stake then a senseless butchering of innocent refugees. She must now choose between helping McDougal follow his sister’s trail, or running away to safety. She makes the wrong decision.

Jamal Abu Hammel, eighteen years of age, has already killed seventeen men in battle. In setting out to avenge his father’s murder, the trail leads him to a vast estate outside Nairobi where he not only encounters the mastermind behind Operation Dawn, General Lucian Rochelle, but the monstrous Eled Adi Wau Shammar, known as the Beast! Even though revenge is denied him, Jamal feels compelled to remove Jennifer McDougal’s pitiful remains from the house, but in the final moments before her death, she makes a strange request of the youth. Returning the following evening, Jamal is surprised to find the dead woman’s identical twin waiting outside Rochelle’s gateway. Later, he follows the brother and his lady friend into town where he rescues the woman from Kurt Browdy, the same man who executed his father. The three take the South African mercenary to Jennifer’s grave where he is forced to tell them everything he knows about Operation Dawn.

Sgt Malcolm Ross, Royal Marines Third Airborne Regiment, is assigned by British Deputy High Commissioner to Kenya James Kilpatrick to keep McDougal and Maggie alive. But powerful forces arrayed against them make this an impossible task.

Operation Dawn. Thirty million people. Three brave men and one extraordinary woman.Can they stop the insanity?
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